Friday, 10 April 2009

High Five list: Top 5 Baby items in WoW

5. Dark Iron Baby Booties
A rare drop from the Relic Coffers in BRD, not equippable, but a very nice novelty item.

4. Baby Shark
This awesome vanity pet can be summoned anywhere, even though its tooltip says "He really requires water". Sadly it didn't made the cut from the PTR to the live patch.

3. Baby Blizzard Bear
Very cute pet from Blizzard's 4'th anniversary, and it is a bind to account item.

2. Baby Crocolisk
The baby crocolisk is the objective of one of the daily fishing quests from Old Man Barlo, and it's the only way to obtain the 4 baby crocolisk vanity pets: Chuck's Bucket, Snarly's Bucket, Muckbreath's Bucket and Toothy's Bucket. As a bonus, when you have this daily fishing quest, the drop chance of Old Crafty in Orgrimmar is greatly increased.

1. Baby Spice
Obtainable from the daily cooking quests in Dalaran. This incredible item can be cast on most targets in the game, including NPCs and many bosses, very useful when some moron (usually a Tauren) is blocking a quest giver, vendor or mailbox by standing on him/it. And try to imagine a Tauren on a half-sized vehicle:) I haven't tested it, but if the Baby spices work on Malygos and Gluth, it will make those fights a lot easier. You can however also wipe the raid by casting it on Ragnaros, The Lurker Below or Thaddius, lol!

This post is dedicated to my new born baby :D


  1. GRAAAAAAATZ xD, very happy for you guys. I took your advice Jimmy and read your guide and one thing lead to the other the impossible became the possible and.... i made my pala into a tank !!!!!!! Xd


  2. Thx Matt, having a baby was a tiring process, but definitely worth it! I'm gonna continue writing the tanking guide when I have time, I'll also rewrite some of the ealier parts when patch 3.1 hits. And say hello to the Wow guys :)


    hehe,, Gratz to you two :) so happy for u!
    how are you three?

  4. Thx Dich, we are a bit tired, fortunately it's Easter:) Happy holiday to everyone!

  5. Ye happy eastern :D