Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Wotlk Paladin Tanking Guide part 1: Motivation

by Flyingfish

I recently left World of Warcraft due to lack of time. I didn't realize how much I miss my friends from WoW until now, that is why I have created this guide in dedication to them! Remember we all have to leave some day, whether we leave with full epix or greenies only, the only thing we take with us is the memories, remember this and enjoy the game while you are still playing!

Why play a tank?
A tank is the heart and soul of any instance party/raid in World of Warcraft. A good tank is a must for (and in most cases garantees) a smooth run. No server lacks damage dealers, but most realms lack good tanks. It is frustrating to see ppl spamming "LF tank for daily hc, last spot!" in the LFG channel, and it is even more frustrating if you have to spam it yourself, because you have been w8ing for a tank for the last 45 min. Thats why being a good tank makes you a popular player in your guild or even on your realm. You can get a instance group going almost anytime you want, sometimes you even have the privilege to choose between several groups. Plus your raidspot is always garanteed. But the privileges come with responsibilities, you, more than anyone else in the group, have to know the fights. You, more than anyone else, have to be focused ALL THE TIME. You, more than anyone else, have to think and react fast when things don't go as planned. Because more often than not, one mistake from your hand means a wipe of the party/raid, one good action from you on the other hand, will likely save the day. Are you ready to step up and save the day? Keep reading :)

Why play a paladin tank?
There are 4 tanking classes, why protection paladin? With the arrival of Wrath of the Lich King, tankadins are no longer inferior to warriors and druids when it comes to single target tanking in general (fights like Satharion 3D is another story) , some warrior and druid tanks may still think so, but they couldn't be more wrong! So you have a class that is as good as other tanking classes at single target tanking, while still being the best at AOE tanking, can it get better? YES IT CAN, here is a list of reasons to roll a paladin tank:

  1. Best at main tanking (tied with other classes), best at AOE tanking by far.
  2. One of the most annoying, if not the most annoying class in PvP.
  3. Have one of the most annoying, if not the most annoying ability ingame: bubble.
  4. Insanely high threat gereration.
  5. Super insanely high initial threat generation, meaning your damage dealers can go all out immediately after pull, while other tanks are wishing they were you.
  6. Only class being able to stay block-capped at all times.
  7. You like looking at hot chicks? How about a female bloodelf in plate :)
  8. You like looking at gay ppl? How about a male bloodelf in plate :P

How do I become a good tankadin then?
Keep reading my blog :D Part 2 will deal with the talents, to be continued...


  1. Hey FF and Sweet, stumbled onto this by checking old forums and thought i'd post. Hope everything is going good with you guys and the n00by :P. Me and Princy are doing good, things got kinda boring so i leveed my paladin and pewpew healing with that but in crapy gear but meh. Ill post back soon etc, untill next time... Matt

  2. It's so good to hear from you! And thx, we are all good. You should stop healing with your paladin, instead, you should read my guide here and start tanking, haha! Pls say hello for me when you see the other guys.

  3. Yeah will do, well i did want to do that initially but dont have the gear YET, so i will when i get round to having the gear for a change and see what pala tanking is like now:P

  4. hi guys how u doing matt told me to take a look so here i am its looking good FF hope u back to wow eventually :-) missing you both x

  5. Ye, I may come back after my baby is born, good to hear from you too m8. Well you know where to find me now:) Btw, are you still using the old vent server? I may drop by sometime.

  6. we do use it sometimes to speak to others, but mainly me and princy are just on nr vent. if you ever come on vent tell us when you will on here