Friday, 20 March 2009

High Five list: Top 5 mobs in Wow with most pathetic lives

Hyakiss the Lurker
Rokad the Ravager
Shadikith the Glider

Those names don't ring a bell? That's because you probably never killed them. They are also known (or unknown) as the animal bosses in Karazhan. With the popularity of Karazhan in TBC, I am sure these are the most skipped bosses in the entire game.
Anything you guys want to say to Blizzard?
Please let us drop badges like the others...

Scarshield Legionnaire
Scarshield Spellbinder

The Scarshield Legionnaires get killed I dont know how many times every raid night, because they guard the Orb of Command a.k.a. the entrance to BWL. The Scarshield Spellbinders live longer than the Legionnaires, just with less dignity! Because they have a very nice fire resistance buff, raiders litterally USE them for that sole purpose.
Anything you guys want to say to Blizzard?
Thank you for introducing TBC...

Ambassador Hellmaw
With the arrival of Wotlk, TBC instances are as good as deserted, but people keep returning to Shadow Labs...alone. The reason is the first boss in SL, Ambassador Hellmaw, a.k.a. weapon skill leveling doll.
Anything you want to say to Blizzard?
Release me!

Deathstalker Vincent
Lets just make one thing clear, this guy cannot not be killed, but people just wont give up, they keep trying. When not being punched, he is just lying on the ground. He is not totally useless though, sometimes people come to test how big they can crit on him.
Anything you want to say to Blizzard?

Tauren is probably the most loved race in Wow, even Alliance doesn't have anything against Taurens. Gamon is the exception, this poor guy is the punching doll of the entire Horde. If you ever see Gamon alive, kill him fast before someone else does it. People actually got bored of just killing him, legend tells about a brave hero of the Horde, who once kited Gamon to Silithus...
Anything you want to say to Blizzard?
Remove me from the game, just do it...

Honorable mentions
Hogger isn't on the list because he's life is not pathetic, it is glorious!

Pindleskin (from Diablo 2)
He is the most killed mob in Diablo2 for the following reasons:
  • he has a chance of drop ANY item in the game, including Zod rune and Windforce.
  • it takes a few seconds to get to him, and a few more seconds to kill him.
People actually developed a Pindleskin farming bot, which is able to automatically and repeatedly kill him once every 15 seconds.

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